Wednesday, January 14, 2009

There is always a challenge to be faced

Yesterday I started up with institute again. It seems that for the last week I have been very nervous and anxious over starting the routine again. I loved it last semester, learned so much, and found it very challenging. I am not so sure I was so ready for it this time. I guess because I realize how very much time it takes and wasn't sure what my classes would end up like, and just the demanding routine of it all. Any way my Adult class went wonderfully. I have several new students, the participation was great and the spirit was there. My night class went pretty well considering that many of the students didn't even know what the reading material would be. But it sure is hard to have much discussion when they haven't read the material and you are trying to cover 10 chapters in an hour and half. This semester I did set down some rules. I have a basket just out side the door with a sign on it asking them to leave their cell phones turned off and left in the basket. Last semester I had about 40 kids and many times they would go in and out of the class to talk or text or whatever. At the end it became very frustrating. So I decided we needed to set up some rules from the beginning. I had a cute basket and made a poem that hung from the handle that said "Now you lay me down to sleep, May my keys give rest & keep, If I'm silenced before I wake, A more interesting message will I make! Only one cell phone was left in but the others must have been turned off because I didn't have people going in and out. I had 20 kids show up. Some from last year and about half new ones. I also have several that signed up that didn't show up. We will see how many I end up with. It usually varies from class to class because kids come in and out, boy friends and girl friends break up, etc, etc. It was a much easier size to deal with. It will be interesting to figure out the dynamics of this class. I had one girl to my very right on the front row read another book the whole time, that is discouraging. I would ask her to read a scripture and she would jump right in. After she told me she is a shut-in which I am not sure what she meant, but she is going to practice a song for next weeks class. Maybe I can get her a little more involved. This can be very challenging, yet fulfilling. I just keep praying that I can find ways to touch hearts and help them love the scriptures. I had promptings for quite a while that I needed to do this, but many times I wonder why. It probably is so that I can learn the Book of Mormon myself. I just pray that I can be useful and helpful as I do this.


Chanel said...

You will do great. You just have to remember that you can only be responsible to provide them the tools, but they have to be responsible to use them. You can not make them want to learn or be there, but years later they may recall some information that may make a huge difference in their lives. I am reading the Book of Mormon with my seminary scriptures, and coping my writings in them into my other scriptures. I am amazed at how much knowledge I had at my fingertips. I don't even remember wring the information down. Only now have I been ready to learn. i am sure Brother Garner thought his teaching me was useless, but 15 years later it was worth it.

Annie said...

It DOES sound like a challenge - there are several reasons brought to mind why I didn't go into teaching like I thought I would - but I am sure it will be a wonderful growing experience and your students will love it. There are definitely things that will stick with them, whether it be now or later, like Chanel said. Good luck!