Monday, December 29, 2008

I hope you all had as wonderful of a Christmas as we did. It was a pretty quite and relaxed one. It was great having Mikael here. We just leisurely opened presents and then prepared for talking to Johnathon. As you each know he sounded wonderful. He seems so peaceful and happy in the things that he is doing. After three hours of getting everyone on the line it was time to hang up. Johnathon was having a hard time letting it come to an end. He kept saying, just one more question, but it was time to go. I sure miss him but I know that especially for him the time will come all to soon. I can tell through an e-mail we received from the couple missionary that is serving with him that he is a blessing to the area. I am so grateful that he is seeing success in teaching, we all have been praying that he would have this experience. I hate to say it but before we know it Declan will be the missionary that we are anticipating a call from. Time seems to go so fast. As I reflect on the New Year coming so quickly I just keep trying to think of the things I need to improve on and accomplish as this New Year approaches. When you are at this end of the spectrum you realize that there are things that are still needful, peoples lives you need to touch, service that needs to be rendered, my personal testimony that needs to be strengthened and deepened, love to be expressed. I hope that this year I can fulfill all that is required and expected of me. I love you all and wish you a wonderful New Year with the experiences we each need individually to draw us closer to the Lord. This may be a challenging year, but I know that if we choose to follow the guidance of our Prophets that we will be given peace and protection from a trublent world.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Mikael is home/I got to talk to Johnathon

Yesterday was a great day! It started with cleaning but I got a break when Brittani brought Claeb, Asher and Miquelyn over while she went to the dentist. Miquelyn slept most of the time but Asher and Caleb love mammy's treats and movies. I was anxious for Mikael to call when she landed in Salt Lake, and for Johnathon to call at 12:30. Mikael made it after her long flight, and the roads coming home seemed good, so Emma met her at the airport and they were on their way home! At 12:33 the phone rang. I looked at the caller ID and it was the dealershp. Since Perry hardly ever calls unless he needs something- I thought he must be calling to see if Johnathon had called yet. I answered the phone and he asked, "What are you doing?" I said "waiting for Johnathon to call". Then I heard Johnathon's voice on the other line. He sounded so good. There is nothing sweeter to a Mother's ears than to hear her child's voice after not hearing it for so long! He was unable to get through because of our block on solicitors. What I can't understand though is I receive every fundraising call, and soliciting from anything I don't have a desire to hear, but Johnathon can't get through. So I tried to call him back and couldn't get through to him. Thank goodness he could call me back on my cell until Perry was able to get the phone company to do something so I could get through to him. So we have it set up for Christmas day. He sounds so happy, he loves his new area, he loves being told how much he is loved. He was able to say hi to Brittani who came back during the call, Caleb, P Max and Christi who showed up to bring mikael's car home. So it was fun. I sure miss him but he sounded so happy! I will look forward to hearing his voice again Chistmas day. Gratefully it wasn't to much of a let down after talking to him because I was busy getting ready for Mikael to come home. As the time drew near for her to come home, Perry left from work to an employee's wife's baptism, I was getting so axious and the time was going so slow. Finally she arrived home around 7:00 pm. She looked so good, even though she had been traveling for about 30 some odd hours. We had a little time to visit before Dad and everyone came to see her. It is so nice to have her home! She was such a good sport and stayed up until everyone left, showed us her goodies, we watched a DVD that some boys put together of Jerusalem, and just enjoyed her being back home. I can't wait to hear more about her experiences. It was a great day!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My first blogging experience

I enjoy all of your posts so much! I have been hesitant to share because my life is pretty uneventful and I think I am just pretty private. But I am going to try. I will start by answering the lists that I was tagged on. They may be a little boring, but it will be me.

8 of my favorite TV shows:

1. Here goes boring because I don't really watch TV- JAG (because Perry records it and watches the reruns every night. This just started a few months ago but I always look forward to the time he gives up in his office and comes to bed) many times I don't even make it through the show but I have him next to me, many times with my head on his shoulder.
2. BYU TV- devotionals
3. Fox News- I don't like O'Reilly that much, he is annoying and I don't like the arguing shows, I just like when the news is presented.
4. DVR so that we can record things to watch at our convenience. (We have tons of shows taped but never seem to have the convenience of time)

8 things that happened yesterday

1. I was able to go over to Brittani's to stay with Caleb, Asher and Miquelyn while Brittani picked up Jamison from school. (Caleb was sick) Asher laid on my lap, Caleb cuddled up to me, Miquelyn slept in her swing and we watched Polar Express) how can you top that!
2. I fixed homemade chili and cornbread for dinner (it snowed yesterday)
3. I delivered Christmas packages to the Allreds, Davis', Webbs.
4. Brittani and I on our own computers searched once again for a gift I wanted to get Mikael for Christmas and couldn't find any where. (Brittani finally found after hours of searching-a story in its self)
5. I finished grading my institute class finals and posted grades.
6. I took a long hot bath before bed because I am not feeling well.
7. I canceled a dinner we were supposed to have at our house tonight with the old RS. Presidency and their husbands because I am not feeling well. (sore throat, achy and chills)
8. I finished wrapping Christmas packages ( I love wrapping pretty packages)

8 things I am looking forward to:

1. Being well
2. Having Mikael home- to hear all her stories and have her make me laugh.
3. Christmas Eve with the grandchildren that are in Farmington. (And their parents)
4. Talking to Johnathon on the phone- I get to have a trial run Friday at 12:30.
5. Having Perry home.
6. A new Year in which Johnathon will come home- (although I don't wish it will go to fast for him, but it won't go to fast for me)
7. A new grandbaby I get to meet.
8. Going to Washington to get to know Leighton.

8 things I love about winter:

1. The fireplace
2. Hot chocolate
3. Beautiful white snow as long as I can just stay home
4. Christmas Eve
5. Christmas Morning
6. Christmas Lights
7. Christmas Music
8. Thinking about Christ

8 things on my wish list:

1. Health to everyone
2. Johnathon having the experience of a Baptism
3. Safety for all of my family
4. My family continuing to enjoy the blessings of the gospel.
5. That my mind and heart would be enlarged through through the things that I study- so that I could teach them more effectively.
6. To be a better wife.
7. To learn how to use the computer better so that I don't have to ask for help- as that goes anything electronic.
8. To feel peace in a world full of turmoil.