Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tall Tales of Mikael

If you read Mikael's blog of fears going into last weekend, my perspective was a little different. When I talked to her, her concern was, "What if I don't like his parents?" When I told dad this he just laughed and said, "she's not worried about whether they like her rather if she likes them." The more I thought about it, it was a very legitmate concern. But not worry after all, they loved her- Nathan reassured me of that several times as did his mother, and she liked them. But how could you not love Mikael- she is just her self and a wonderful self at that. I loved that she still crossed her EYE at Nathan in front of his parents at dinner, yet had good table manners. It is fun to watch Nathan with her, his is so adoring of her. I think Mikael responds in kind. It will be fun to have everyone together Moab weekend (dad is being brave about not being able to be with us all- you might send him your love and thoughts before the journey).

We also had a great time with Annie and Talon. Getting to see their beautiful new home was exciting. They are able to close on it this week- it is the beginning of a great adventure for their new family! With Brittani and Grant having things work out so smoothly in selling and being able to get into their new home, Talon and Annie's new home and for the arrival of Elijah, Andrew and Stephanie in their lovely new home in a place that they love, Perry and Christi having a new home that they love, I just can't help feeling so grateful for the blessings our family has received. Decota has improved so much since last year, Scott is loving his job and has had these opportunities to learn and progress, Mikael is drawing near the end of school with new exciting expriences of student teaching around the corner, and Johnathon is seeing success in his work, we are so very blessed as a family. Thank you all for being the wonderful family that you are and living the gospel so completely. I love you all.

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